Its Team Seize Ur Knowledge's 7th YEAR

Epilepsy has been around FOREVER! Yet it is one of the most underfunded disorders! So many people deserve a cure, deserve a chance at having a day with no meds! So help my team make a difference, no matter how small... it does make a difference!

Rhea went to camp for the 1st time this past year. She met other kids who do battle every day, just like her!

Team Seize Ur Knowledge is VERY competitive! We like to compete to see who can raise the most. This year the team member who raises the most will get a special T-shirt. So... Choose your winner! Help one of our team members get the glory for the year!

Its more fun to be part of a team. Join our team today and help us raise even more money to support the Epilepsy Foundation Texas.


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