Kristin, God Bless you! Thank you for sharing something special to you, Bradley’s story. Bradley’s precious little smile inspired me to join the cause and share my story.

When I was 10 my Aunt Jodie died due to an epileptic seizure. She was 21. This was my first loss of someone so close to me and it was devastating. From the time that my mom thought I could understand, she “educated” me about epilepsy. I never understood the severity of it until my Aunt Jodie was gone.

My Aunt Jodie was everything beautiful and happy; the personification of JOY. Her nickname “Smiley” fit her perfectly. She loved making people laugh, hanging with her friends and family, and being the center of attention. She rocked big hair, red lips, and the color purple A LOT. Maybe because it was the 80s or because she liked to be bold, either way she owned it. She was lovely on the outside but what captivated people most was her heart. She was a generous, loving Tia.

Through loss my heart is happy that there is HOPE. Recently, I learned how research and technology is helping people manage epilepsy. Education, awareness, and access to services is an important part of this success. I am excited to be a part of Bradley's Bunch this year and supporting EFT!



Friends/Family: Join me! I KNOW some of you are runners

Family: Check back for updates on memories and photos of Smiley :)


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