Addison Tvrdik

Team Captain Team Addi-tude 2018 Dallas/FW Stroll

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Addison was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy in 2011 at age 4. She turns 11 in February. Epilepsy has been part of her life longer than she has lived without it. In 2016, her seizures began to change. They came more frequently and increased in severity. During that summer, she had testing and med changes and currently takes 2 antiepileptic drugs twice a day and was diagnosed with absence seizures as well. In 2017, she started 5th grade and had her last known "big" seizure at the end of August in her science class surrounded by her peers. With some med changes, we seem to have found the right treatment plan for now. Recent EEGs showed no seizure activity. This will be our 5th stroll and  Addison always enjoys seeing people that understand what she deals with on a daily basis. Even if she is seizure free for months, epilepsy effects our family EVERY day. Every donation no matter the size make a BIG difference. Funds raised will help...

send kids to camp
provide clinics for people with no insurance
educate people about epilepsy and seizure disorders
destroy the stigma and negative images in society

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