Please help us raise awareness and financial support for epilepsy. Up until a couple of years ago my son Jonas was a normal, bright, hilarious little guy. He loved to read and do shapes and colors! He loved to add numbers and count to 100! And he wasn’t even 4 yet! Then at 3.5 jonas had his first seizure and by 4.5 he was having several seizures a day. Now he has a hard time remembering. He doesn’t remember how to read. He can’t remember his shapes or colors. He still likes to count to 100 but often needs help to get there. He is still hilarious, And sweet! Help us raise awareness for him 😊 #teamjonas

Every donation no matter the size makes a BIG difference. Funds raised will help...

send kids to camp
provide clinics for people with no insurance
educate people about epilepsy and seizure                               disorders destroy the stigma and negative images in society

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