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Like any parent, my children are my WORLD. Epilepsy has always been a part of my life. My great aunt has epilepsy due to an injury when she was young. However, I never dreamed my own children would battle it. It is amazing how much one word can change your world.

I have 3 children. Karina, Joshua and Rhea.

My oldest was having problems "daydreaming" at school. The teachers would tell us she was often off in another world. We would often tell Nina that she needed to pay attention and quit daydreaming. She was being teased at school and loved reading. We just assumed she was escaping to that fantasy world.

Then we went on vacation. While hiking at the Grand Canyon, she suddenly froze. I was ahead of her with my youngest and middle child. My husband turned around to check why her footsteps had stopped. We were at a curve with just a few feet to between her and the ledge. When he turned around he noticed she was frozen for a bit. Then she started walking forward looking dazed. He turned and grabbed her and asked her what she was doing. She said I'm walking! It was then we realized something more than daydreaming was going on. We watched her the rest of our vacation and took her to her Dr. when we returned. We were sent to a neurologist who confirmed Nina had epilepsy.

Once we had Nina's seizures under control we thought things were looking up, and they were. Then during winter break, my youngest had a seizure. Not an absence seizure like her sister, but she was convulsing.

I had no idea what was going on when it happened. To be honest, I thought she was having a stroke or something. She was asleep next to me and I suddenly felt her squirming. She likes to sleep with her head covered, so I assumed she woke up and was playing. I lifted the blanket saying, "What are you doing..." when suddenly I was hit with reality. She wasn't playing. She was jerking and drooling and her hand was lifted up to her chest. Her eyes were alert though. I spoke to her and despite the convulsions, she would nod at me and follow me with her eyes.

We took off to the clinic and I carried my baby girl in. When I saw Alma, the secretary, all I could say was, "Help me."

She kept trying to pass out on our way to the clinic and my oldest had her in her arms and kept yelling, "Stay with me, don't go to sleep" She was just as terrified as I was.

Alma immediately yelled for Mark and he took us to the back. He watched her and told me He thought it was a seizure. I kept telling him, but she's reacting to me! She can't be having a seizure! The convulsive seizures I'd seen were different. The person couldn't react and wasn't conscious. It was a seizure though, as strange and new to me as it was.

Her 1st seizure was long. She regressed a lot. She forgot her alphabet, the little she could write, and we had to work on potty training again.

My oldest is now 18 a freshman at Texas Tech!! GUNS UP!  She has been seizure free for about 7 years now! Little is 12, she still has seizures and she is bright, loving and can light up a room with her Diva smile.

My son, doesn't have seizures. He's 17 and is involved in anything he can be. Right now he's loving basketball season! Our entire family loves the sport! He loves music and can play the piano and tuba. He won a guitar at a previous year's stroll and is hoping for lessons so he can add an instrument to his list. This year he and his friends made it to state with their sextet! He's an amazing brother! He looks out for his sisters and he never complains when they come 1st.

So PLEASE, PLEASE help $1 may not seem like much to you, but to me its $1 more for a foundation that has done so much for my family.

Every donation no matter the size make a BIG difference. Funds raised will help...

send kids to camp
provide clinics for people with no insurance
educate people about epilepsy and seizure disorders
destroy the stigma and negative images in society

Don't hesitate. Make your donation today!


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